Looking at The Sun Remix by gab

This is my take on the remix of Looking at The Sun (as requested in Gramercy Arms’ Myspace page).

It’s not so intimate as the original mix (nor so far away of it as some other remixes I’ve heard). Some minor changes and some post-processing mostly, but I find it gives its rightful place to the song’s beautiful harmonies (in the original I felt like the voices were too melted).

BTW, I did listen to Chuck’s Show mix, but I thought that it was somewhat accommodated to fit to the show’s spoken parts, so I tried my own approach (remaining as faithful to the song & show’s pathway as possible).

Looking at The Sun

Hope you like it.



GA: If you want a better final mix you could upload somewhere the Aiffs or WAV files of the stems. There are some artifacts because of working with mp3 as a base, but I can live with them anyway.